Item #List1522 The Camp We Left Behind Us. [Songsheet]. Civil War Songsheets, 72nd Pennsylvania Infantry, Belle Isle Prison.

The Camp We Left Behind Us. [Songsheet]

Camden: H. Curts, 1862. 1 ½ x 4 ⅝ inches. Some light normal wear and crashing, very good. Very Good. Item #List1522

An unrecorded broadside Civil War songsheet relating to the 72nd Pennsylvania Infantry, with many mentions of Baxter and Hesser. The song is written to the tune of “The Girl I Left Behind Me,” and is written as a tongue-in-cheek parody of the plight of prisoners at Belle Isle Prison, where conditions had been rumored to be quite pleasant (this was not actually the case). The song was likely written in response to the 72nd Pennsylvania’s involvement in the Seven Days Battles in the summer of 1862. The subtitle of the song states “Inscribed on the recollection of the evacuation of “Harrison’s Landing,” Va., by the Union Army during the Summer of 1862.”.

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